gift vouchers available now

gift vouchers are for a full days fishing trip normally £45 per person. please ring 0780-8684358 or email where we will send you are bank details and you would do a bank transfer. after which we will email a voucher for you to print off to give as a present or use yourself.

you would then just ring up to book a suitably available date, and quote the unique voucher number. if you are wanting the voucher to give on a certain date as a present.  please start the process 4 or 5 days before so as to allow bank transfers to go through. as we dont have internet at sea. and a busy times may only be able check emails every other day or so

vouchers are mainly for midweek trips but are valid for weekends as well if available. as we get busy at weekends please book well in advance for weekends. vouchers are mainly for persons with there own tackle however upgrading to a £60 voucher for beginners includes all you need for a day out loan of a rod and reel some fishing bait [you can usually catch plenty more bait] and end tackle [upto 6 leads and 4 feather rigs]

you would have to be unlucky to need  more than this on a days fishing but more tackle is available

 deposits and terms and conditions

in most cases a deposit normally by bank transfer will be required. due to people  in the past booking and not turning up

if you book say 6 places you will be expected to pay  for 6 

as we will have been turning people away on the strength of your booking

it  is ENTIRELY  the anglers RESPONSIBILITY to phone at least the night before or before setting off to stay in b&bs or travel lodges etc

 to make sure the trip

is going ahead due to poor weather  or unforeseen  problems etc